Yang Fudong

curated by Davide Quadrio and Massimo Torrigiani

opening July 26, 2014
until September 4, 2014

Gagliano del Capo - Puglia, Italy

When we face infinity we look afar. This year’s research brings to light contemporary Chinese art - expression of one of the world’s most profound cultures, which is at the same time influential and unknown, transporting it into the historical spaces of Gagliano del Capo, channelling it into the fabric of a place far away from its origin.

A unique opportunity, an internationally acclaimed artist that has been rarely seen
in Italy: Yang Fudong, video author, painter and innovator, whose influence extends to film and photography.

In his work, of great aesthetic and technical rigour, past and present merge into
a dream-like imagery, polarized between the fabled and the grotesque, which builds on, among a myriad of influences and references, the modernist culture of Shanghai. City of harbor and frontier, a crossroads of cultures of Asia-Pacific and Western influences. This is where in the 1920’s the first form of Chinese modernism sprang to life. A submerged culture for decades, now re-emerges in various ways and forms: a matrix that makes the city a unique and different placein the global vision landscape.

The exhibition, structured by contrasts of scale, imagination and duration, includes a series of videos witnessing Yang Fudong’s main body of work.