2017 - 2016


Capo d'Arte has developed a partnership with the prestigious French Academy in Rome, with the aim of hosting an artist residencies cycle in Gagliano del Capo.

The French street artists Lek & Sowat (Frederic Malek, Paris, 1971, and Mathieu Kendrick, Mar- seille, 1978) fellows at the Villa Medici for 2015-16, were the first artists who took part to Capo d'Arte residency program.

The artists will realize a site specific installation on July 30th, 2016. They will wrap with cellophane an abandoned building in Piazza Falcone and Borsellino, as they did already for Villa Medici's 350th anniversary.

This will be the third and last intervention Lek and Sowat will undertake in Gagliano. In May 2016 the duo panted an abandoned wholecar in the local traistation: first the convoy was entirely pain- ted in black and then decorated with white paint - then removed with a water pump - and finally with gold paint. The work is signed R. Mutt, the famous signature that Duchamp used for his uri- nal, wanting to remind the little attention that the street art has received in recent decades: "Street artists have often been compared to dogs that mark the territotory in the suburbs - says Sowat - and that's why we thought at Duchamp' urinal. It is not a tribute, is an outburst". The se- cond contribution, made with the same technique, is a black box on Corso Umberto I with a glass door that overlooks the main square of the village.



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